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First, I would like to Thank You, our communities, our cities, our homes, our lives, and families for sharing in this exciting moment that we have embarked on. Cashmere Magazine will be that magazine that will always embrace and feature the REAL, to the point, up close in our community. We will allow you our readers, subscribers, advertisers, family and friends to share and inform us as what you want to know about, be informed about, and what inspires you; to be the Best you that one can be. 

Our staff of writers will respect and take in all of the feedback, comments, even constructive comments that you share in our comment section of the contact page. I personally welcome them. Thank You in Advance, for helping Cashmere Magazine Bridge the Communities ONE City At A Time


Although the region appeals too many types, "Cashmere Magazine" does have a clearly defined target market. 

 Our content is designed to engage middle to upper class male a female readers ages 24 to 50. This covers both young professionals who are single and starting careers, as well as more established professionals with a fair amount of disposable income looking to vacation or even male Coastal Ga or any of our Cities a primary or second home. These individuals are information seekers and require stimulating content delivered in a well edited carefully comprehensive format- exactly what is offered by "CASHMERE MAGAZINE".

Nigel M. Mott


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Finally a magazine that is showcasing and asking "US" the community what's important to us. Love it.

Executive Director, From Boys to Men Enrichment Centers, Brunswick, GA 

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