Bridging the Southeast Region One City at a Time 


The Cashmere Team

Bridging the Southeast Region One City at a time.

Nigel M. Mott


Thank You for choosing Cashmere Magazine, we look forward to sharing, encouraging and inspiring you.

Nigel M. Mott

Christine Harper-Mott

Editor Faith & Purpose

Christine Harper-Mott is a Certified Life Coach & Master Builder focusing in the areas of leadership, relationships and vision identification and achievement. As the founder of Making Disciples Ministry, she is the online hostess of the weekly Let’s Talk Leadership (LTL) equipping sessions and the Midday Mouthful (MDM) & Words of Wisdom (WOW) motivational moments. As a published writer, she has written for two international publishing companies, R.H. Boyd Publishing Company & David C. Cook Publishing Company, has been a ghost writer and wrote for various newsletters and publications including Pride Magazine.

With more than 40 years in a combination of ministry, education, non-profit service organizations and the secular corporate workforces, Mrs. Harper-Mott brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to the Faith & Purpose section of Cashmere Magazine

Donald R. McGuire

Editor in Chief

Donald R. McGuire

Editor In Chief Cashmere Magazine

My name is Donald R. McGuire Editor In Chief of Cashmere Magazine and it is a pleasure to introduce myself in this capacity. I am a resident of Charlotte North Carolina but was born and raised in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio (The Queen City) . After attending Xavier University majoring in accounting and journalism, I started my writing career doing cover stories for an African American magazine named ” NIP” (News In Pictures) where I featured notable Rhythm and Blues performers such as Bootsy, George Clinton, Midnight Star and Patti Labelle. Later I was a journalist for the Cleveland Post and the Cincinnati Herald News Papers both black news publications in Ohio. I covered the events of African American held hostage during the Persian Gulf War culminating with being one of only a few black journalist to interview former President George Bush. Here in Charlotte I share the vision with the Publisher Nigel Mott on bridging the Southeast Region ( Charlotte, Atlanta, Charleston, Jacksonville ) one city at a time to share the profound African American heritage that encompasses these communities. Cashmere Magazine is proud to be a voice of the people by bringing intriguing, entertaining, educational and thought provoking content to our readers and subscribers. I encourage comments and letters to the editor as well as your ideas for topics in the upcoming issues. Cashmere magazine wants to grow along side our community.

Bridging the Southeast Region One City at a time.

Tyree Searcy

Finances- All about Money

Tyree Searcy was born in Perry, Georgia. He currently resides at Round Lake, Illinois. A US Navy Veteran with over 16 years’ experience in leadership, finance and project management. Tyree is a prolific speaker and life coach. He uses his astonishing speaking and coaching skills to touch the lives of many around the globe. Still teaching, Tyree provides entrepreneurship guides to both individuals and families on how to become financially independent. Tyree is a problem solver and is always at the service of his clients’, focused and determined to excel in his field as an excellent public speaker and life coach. He is dependable and very passionate about his job. Mr. Searcy is happily married, and a father of 10. He is a spiritual and charismatic Christian and also a man of great faith. Tyree is a humble servant, loves people, enjoys teaching, dedicated to service and his number one desire and priority are to successfully serve others.

William "Chill" Muhammad


CHILL MUHAMMAD is a Security Specialist, Music Producer, Entertainment Manager & Renown Author & Writer!!!

Chef Brandon Howard

Mouthful of Flavor

Our Jr. Editor

Khiya R. Mckinney

Khiya's Korner

My name is Khiya and I am currently a student at Augusta University. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. I am honored to share my thoughts and opinions on various topics in hopes of helping someone else. I enjoy music of all kinds, dancing, and art. My favorite quote is "You have to suffer the storm to enjoy the rainbow." I pride myself in treating people equally no matter who they are. My hopes for this article is to have fun but also give a voice for the people who don't have one.